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Data Protection Functions

Enigma Bridge is a web service providing businesses with a simple and secure encryption, authentication and other security functions for web, mobile, and internet applications. The Enigma Bridge service is powered by a CloudHSM technology providing "lock and key" in the Cloud.

This test site allows you test Enigma Bridge services. This page demonstrates data protection functions (use top menu for other tests). Please follow three simple steps to test Enigma Bridge:

  1. select function;
  2. select test data (or enter your own); and
  3. select one of the service sites (not all are running at all times).

Once you click the “Protect Your Data Now” button, you will see the protected data. The form also shows what was sent to the Enigma Bridge service and was was returned so that developers can easily test it for themselves.

Note: if you are interested in details of processing, a more complex test site is at https://expert.enigmabridge.com.

Select one of the default test vectors below, or type own into a text box.

Enigma Bridge - How It Works

Enigma Bridge is a CloudHSM web service providing simple and secure encryption, authentication and other security functions for web, mobile, and internet applications.

Users of mobile or cloud applications
Apps using Enigma Bridge

End-to-end encryption to hardware CloudHSMs.

Secure internet connection

HTTPS to Enigma Bridge servers.

Enigma Bridge server

Work distribution, allocation of CloudHSMs.

Secure hardware element

Processing of client requests in CloudHSMs.

Detailed log of your request processing


We utilize a massive number of physical secure processing elements (CloudHSMs). On-the-fly allocation of these processors gives you as much processing power your business needs. We are the only CloudHSM-based service like that.


A connection key and an address of our CloudHSM instance is all you need to protect your data and your business. Just like using a simple APIs of Google or Facebook, the Enigma Bridge service is so simple and powerful.

High Availability

Enigma Bridge service comprises automatic fail-over and load-balancing over a large number of CloudHSMs, making resilience an inherent property of Enigma Bridge.


Through our main website at:



Enigma Bridge was founded in 2015 by security professionals with extensive backgrounds in academia (cryptography), security consulting (for FIs) and card payments. Engima Bridge is on a mission to make the internet security ubiquitous and has developed its own (patent-pending) hardware and software for that purpose.Enigma Bridge runs its offices on Bridge Street in Cambridge, UK.