Enigma Vault - Secure Keys

Weak, easy to guess, or uncontrolled keys represent the most serious problem in data encryption.

Enigma Bridge Vault service generates strong keys and delivers them securely to clients. It supports strict separation of generation and deployment for centralized control and resilient distributed installation of your encryption keys. 


Easy to use clients in Javascript, Java, and Python. Accurate usage data to monitor performance and detect incidents. 


Generation with the most secure available hardware (independent FIPS140-2 Level 3 validations) and delivered with end-to-end encryption. 


Separate creation and installation of keys for secure backup, centralized management, and resilient distributed deployment. 

Protection, Compliance, Control with Secure Hardware

Control over key management is fundamental for secure data encryption. Enigma Bridge created a cloud service that gives you just that with a simple web-service interface and advanced monitoring.

The Enigma Bridge key management strictly separates key generation and key deployment. This allows our clients implement a strong centralized control and backup mechanisms. Actual key users can access and install new keys locally to avoid single point of failure that could compromise the whole key estate.

Enigma Bridge can’t see your keys, or recover them as they are created inside secure hardware with FIPS140-2 Level 3 (=protects your data) validations and delivered with end-to-end encryption directly to you.

Security of Own Appliance as Managed Service

You get the same level of security as if using own cryptographic appliances. All you need is to use a few REST API functions.

Enigma Bridge will manage the hardware for you without ever compromising your secrets. We will take care of purchase, installation, management, and updates of physical servers.

You can create new management clients - key vaults - fully automatically or with manual approvals. It can be done in seconds.

Enigma Bridge Key Management makes sure that your test and production keys are always separated, and you always know how many keys and when were generated and installed. Instant monitoring data so no more surprises days or months down the line. 

Get Started

We will soon announce first use cases where you can start using Enigma Bridge Key Management in an automated manner.

If you plan large deployments, integrations with your own applications, or want to learn more. Let us know through our support system.