Private Dimension in Cyberspace

Enigma Bridge gives you control over your data and communication. Our Private Spaces provide a secure and private gateway to the internet and a place to share and connect with your teammates or remotely access your files or company internal services.   

The Enigma Bridge cloud service provides strong security foundations and control. Whether you need to protect your business or comply with data protection laws, including the coming EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR). 

“The Enigma Bridge solution enables the straight-forward deployment and management of cryptography within business applications."

Steve Marshall, Former Head of Security Architecture at Barclaycard 

Private Spaces

Private gateway, office, or just a place

Create your private space to use the internet, store documents, manage instant messaging or control your intelectual property (IP). 

Keys to your own Private Space work for computers, as well as mobile devices. Our “locksmith” ensures superb security.

Different types of Private Spaces designed for companies, teams, and home use. 


Gateway with keys for laptops, computers, and mobile phones. Protect privacy in your WiFi.


It is a place to store and share documents, photos, or your ideas. You own the data and always know where it is.


Secure hub for talking with your friends, or colleagues. It is your secure connection hub to keep in touch.

Control Data and Applications

Control to comply, simplify, scale

Compliance, control and reporting - real-time and regular reports of access to data and use of applications. 
Short time-to-market by removing the complexity of data control.

Total cost of ownership
delivered as managed service.


We protect, control the use, and safely handle keys to your data. Fully managed service provides flexibility and easy use.

Control and reporting

Powerful visualization and reporting features. Visualization of data use improve your control of data and applications.

Clean API

Integration tools hide all expert configuration. Developers just use data control and protection functions as any other business funtion.

Lock & key

Any cloud service needs physical security to equal on-premise systems. We use special-purpose hardware from leading vendors.

Hear about all the excitement ...

Stay On Top Of Regulation

Data protection is here to stay for a reason

Data protection legal framework is expanding. European Union introduces GDPR that applies to all who offer services EU citizens and handle their data. Regardless of where your company is based, you will have to comply with this regulation from May 2018.

Enigma Bridge significantly simplifies compliance by its design: traceability of usage and access to data, logging, controlling physical location of secrets, bootstrapping recovery processes. 

Cloud Encryption

Powerful security services for developers

Tools and simple APIs that instantly enable businesses to manage the security of their systems or migrate to the cloud.

Managed service in public cloud preserves a high-level of security and is best option for small applications and companies.

Private deployments are available when required by the customers.

How It Works

It is all about giving you confidence

While we are very proud on our cloud service, the purpose of it is mostly an efficient management of secure processors and a simple application interface (RESTful API).

Special purpose devices protect your secrets. These devices are used by hundreds of millions of users and applications. We made them run computations that are useful for you. They connect directly to your cloud applications - there is nothing, no one in between.

What protects your secrets are hardware processors designed for the most sensitive applications. They feature independent security evaluations (FIPS140-2 Level 3EAL5+) that cost vendors hundreds of thousands of US $ to obtain. 

Strong Research Background

Secure web sites leak information

Enigma Bridge has extended the award winning research of Petr Svenda, our co-founder. He showed that all https keys leaked information about their origin.

“this is seriously awesome work” - Greg Linares, research engineer at Eeye Digital Security

This fact escaped experts for 30 years. It means that all companies are exposing a part of their security architecture and management processes online. 

Data encryption

Encrypt and decrypt data and build security into your applications using our simple and secure encryption services.

Key management - PKI

Successful key management is the most difficult aspect of cryptography. But we’ve made it simple and secure, with physical storage of keys in our FIPS-140 Level 3 hardware.


PCI compliance, tokenization and cloud HSM made simple and cost effective.
Why buy and manage your own HSMs? It is a pain.

Cloud migration

We enable businesses to move into the cloud whilst retaining the encryption keys in-house. Leaving them the ONLY entity able to decrypt their data, away from hackers and prying eyes!
Directly connected to with AWS.


The only reason that all web pages aren’t using secure HTTPS is because it is complex and costly to implement. We've changed that.

Secure file transfer

Tired of size restrictions for email   attachments or needing to securly send documents? Check out this simple demo that leverages your Google Drive account.

Internet of things

IoT is great but disasterous without proper security.
One ring to rule them all...


Behind all the frenzy about Bitcoin lies a technology that is far bigger than the cryptocurrency itself. Its application of course relies on good encryption services.

Meet our team

We are a group of skilled and experienced security and payments individuals.

Dan Cvrcek, PhD

CEO and security expert

Petr Svenda, PhD

Crypto prodigy

Dusan Klinec

Senior security engineer

David Gudjonsson

Chairman and payments expert