Enigma Password Protect

Secure your passwords against hackers and data thefts Password Protect web service and secure hardware encryption. 
We offer a complete solution for managing passwords and one-time passwords. It securely verifies user passwords as well as improves security of user registrations, password resets, as well as manages account lock-outs.

Password Beauty and Dark Side

Passwords are simple, easy, and everyone knows how to use them since they have been around thousands years before computers. This is not why passwords appear in headlines these days.

Large security breaches have changed our perception of passwords. You can prevent this. Enigma Bridge Password Protect improves security of password files to the level when you can fearlessly publish them as they are stored on servers and still keep passwords secure, even if they were “123456”, “password”, or “iloveyou”.

Enigma Bridge based the password protection on use of secure hardware to “scramble” user passwords. The secure hardware processors hold encryption keys that scramble and protect passwords. It is impossible to find even the simplest password without querying these secure processors so you can find when someone tries to login or guess your users’ passwords almost in real-time.


Physical protection of sensitive data and detection of attacks, end-to-end encryption, HTTPS security, near real-time monitoring.


Simple and secure enrolment, transparent pricing, integration with a few web-service API functions.

Enterprise Grade

Password Protect introduces concepts of password security used by enterprises. Security policies, number of failures and successes, functions to reset and change passwords.

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You can try our online demo that shows how Enigma Bridge Password Protect handles the whole life-cycle of user passwords, from system enrolment to password resets. 

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