Virtual Hardware Encryption

Hardware security with virtualised hardware

Protect your data in the cloud and on-premise with our unique API. The API backed by trusted secure hardware processors or software engines. Strong foundations and flexibility for data control.

The API simplicity ensures that your business complies with data protection laws, including the coming EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR). Short time to market, security as a service.

See our Virtual Hardware Platform

“The Enigma Bridge solution enables the straight-forward deployment and management of cryptography within business applications."

Steve Marshall
Former Head of Security Architecture at Barclaycard 

Control Data and Applications

Control to comply, simplify, scale

Compliance, control and reporting - real-time and regular reports of access to data and use of applications. 
Short time-to-market by removing the complexity of data control.

Total cost of ownership
delivered as managed service.


We protect, control the use, and safely handle keys to your data. Fully managed service provides flexibility and easy use.

Control and reporting

Powerful visualization and reporting features. Visualization of data use improve your control of data and applications.

Clean API

Integration tools hide all expert configuration. Developers just use data control and protection functions as any other business funtion.

Lock & key

Any cloud service needs physical security to equal on-premise systems. We use special-purpose hardware from leading vendors.

Stay On Top Of Regulation

Data protection is here to stay for a reason

Data protection legal framework is expanding. European Union introduces GDPR that applies to all who offer services EU citizens and handle their data. Regardless of where your company is based, you will have to comply with this regulation from May 2018.

Enigma Bridge significantly simplifies compliance by its design: traceability of usage and access to data, logging, controlling physical location of secrets, bootstrapping recovery processes. 

Enigma Bridge platform

Universal encryption service

Your applications can use directly our API, or one of the language bindings, or simply a PKCS11 library for transparent connection to secure elements provided by our platform.

Throughput and scalability

The platform provides multi-tenancy to optimize the resource utilization. Whether you choose own or shared security domain, you can grow it as your demand increases.

Simple, remote enrolment

You simply choose a template that fits your needs. We provide a range of templates, which simplify enrolment, as well as security audits. Encryption as a service.  

How It Works


We are very proud on the architecture of our cloud service. It hides all the complexity of cryptography, load distribution, and resource management behind a simple application interface, a RESTful API.

Once you register your application, there is only one API function “Process Data”. It takes two parameters:
 - handle to your user object inside the encryption service,
 - data you want to process (authenticate, sign, tokenize, …).

Do you need legacy support? We have a PKCS11 library!

Security and trust

Special purpose processors protect your secrets. They connect directly to your cloud applications - there is nothing, no one in between. The HTTPS channel provides the second layer of encryption.

These secure processors are used by millions of users and applications. They have been designed to protect data in the most sensitive applications. They feature independent security evaluations (FIPS140-2 Level 3, EAL5+) providing ultimate physical security - your lock and key in the cloud. 

Users of mobile or cloud applications

Apps using Enigma Bridge

End-to-end encryption to hardware CloudHSMs.

Secure internet connection

HTTPS to Enigma Bridge servers.

Enigma Bridge security domain

Network balancing, failover.

Enigma Bridge server

Work distribution, allocation of CloudHSMs.

Secure hardware element

Processing of client requests in CloudHSMs.

How you can use our API

Encrypt and sign

Basic operations you need to protect your data in transit and in your database.

Card number security

Functions you need are tokenization (incl. format preserving). As well as re-encryption from transport to storage. Yes, it is PCI compliant.


The API has functions to create users, verify and reset their passwords, as well as to show failed tries. 

Key management

We provide two main functions for flexibility and security. First you get an encrypted key. The second function reveals the key when needed.

See our API at work

EnigmaLink - secure file transfer

Use your Google drive to share files securely. The encryption uses three different keys - triple lock - for maximum security.

Key management - PKI

Encryption is nothing without key management. We’ve simplified key management. Launch your own certification authority in minutes. Including physical storage of keys in secure hardware.

Private Space - company VPN

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Strong Research Background

Secure web sites leak information

Enigma Bridge has extended the award winning research of Petr Svenda, our co-founder. He showed that all https keys leaked information about their origin.

“this is seriously awesome work” - Greg Linares, research engineer at Eeye Digital Security

This fact escaped experts for 30 years. It means that all companies are exposing a part of their security architecture and management processes online. 

Meet our team

We are a group of skilled and experienced security and payments individuals.

Dan Cvrcek, PhD

CEO and security expert

Petr Svenda, PhD

Crypto prodigy

Dusan Klinec

Senior security engineer

David Gudjonsson

Chairman and payments expert