Security made simple

Whether you’re managing keys or passwords,
encrypting data and applications, migrating to the cloud
or ensuring compliance,
Enigma Bridge has the security services you need.

“The Enigma Bridge solution enables the straight-forward deployment and management of cryptography within business applications."

Steve Marshall, Former Head of Security Architecture at Barclaycard

Hear about all the excitement ...

Secure web sites leak information

Your servers' digital ID (certificate) leaks information

Enigma Bridge has extended the work of Petr Svenda, our co-founder, published in an award winning research. He showed that all https keys leaked information about their origin. Anyone can learn about how web service providers do key management.

“this is seriously awesome work” - Greg Linares, research engineer at Eeye Digital Security

This fact escaped experts for 30 years. It means that all companies are exposing a part of their security architecture and management processes online. See how Enigma Bridge can help ...

See how your own https keys are generated...

Cloud encryption

Powerful security services for developers

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Tools and simple APIs that instantly enable businesses to manage the security of their systems or migrate to the cloud.

Data encryption

Encrypt and decrypt data and build security into your applications using our simple and secure encryption services.

Key management - PKI

Successful key management is the most difficult aspect of cryptography. But we’ve made it simple and secure, with physical storage of keys in our FIPS-140 Level 3 hardware.


PCI compliance, tokenization and cloud HSM made simple and cost effective.
Why buy and manage your own HSMs? It is a pain.

Cloud migration

We enable businesses to move into the cloud whilst retaining the encryption keys in-house. Leaving them the ONLY entity able to decrypt their data, away from hackers and prying eyes!
Directly connected to with AWS.


The only reason that all web pages aren’t using secure HTTPS is because it is complex and costly to implement. We've changed that.

Secure file transfer

Tired of size restrictions for email attachments or needing to securly send documents? Check out this simple demo that leverages your Google Drive account.

Internet of things

IoT is great but disasterous without proper security.
One ring to rule them all...


Behind all the frenzy about Bitcoin lies a technology that is far bigger than the cryptocurrency itself. Its application of course relies on good encryption services.


We protect, control the use, and safely store keys. Unique meta-data allow handling, searching, and identification in IT management and inventory platforms.

Control and reporting

Powerful visualization and reporting systems for high-level of flexibility. Our aim is to give you absolute control over your keys and infrastructure.

Clean API

We believe security should be ubiquitous and developers shouldn’t have to be security experts in order to build top level security their solutions.

Hardware based

To provide maximum reliablity for our customers we built our own hardware security modules (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified). Software based encryption is simply not good enough.

Meet our team

We are a group of skilled and experienced security and payments individuals.

Dan Cvrcek, PhD

CEO and security expert

Petr Svenda, PhD

Crypto prodigy

Dusan Klinec

Senior security engineer

David Gudjonsson

Chairman and payments expert