Magic of Cloud Security

Keep control of your cloud with
simple and powerful cloud encryption service

Value Proposition

Clear and flexible cost

  • Initial development and set-up costs.

  • Ongoing cost of enhancements operation and maintenance.


  • Minimize overall complexity, including existing evolving businesses.

  • Use capable and proven components to enable the delivery of your IT.

System and data control

  • Need to have control of our data, and operations at all times.

  • Need to demonstrate control to customers, media, regulators.


  • Future-proof support as it has Increased markedly within the last decade.

  • It can and often is country or region specific.

  • Demonstrating compliance is no longer optional.

Control of Your Data

The problem of any business running applications on the internet is the control of its data.

The cost of losing the control is significant, whether it is because of misconfiguration, application bugs or as a result of being hacked.

  • Company Reputation

  • Down time

  • Loss of company secrets

  • Liability

The only way to enforce reliable control of your data is to design systems from modules with clear interfaces: publicly available business functions, sensitive operations and data, and control mechanisms.

Aspects of Data Control

Control of your data has many aspects and only a combination of several of them will provide a reliable protection of your business against failures and attacks.

  • Managing access to data – authentication and control

  • Traceability of data usage – metering and monitoring

  • Protection against data theft and cyber attack

  • Recovery from attack – minimising downtime

  • Managing cost & complexity of security

  • Recovery from attack – minimising downtime

  • Managing compliance – for example PCI

Enigma Bridge Solution

At the heart of Enigma Bridge data security solutions is the data security module hardware unit that enables the delivery of a range of off-the-shelf or customised solutions for a variety of applications including web based services for enterprise businesses and dedicated onsite system solutions for large corporates.


  • Secure key management

  • Data encryption/decryption

  • Secure data processing

  • Data transaction management and metering

Web Service API for simplified integration & operation with any third party business application.

HTTPS Key Service - Keyless HTTPS

HTTPS Key Service is an end-to-end solution for managing secure data connections to web servers using the Enigma Bridge platform. The HTTPS Key Service protects, manages and monitors usage of private encryption keys. It enables hosting and CDN companies to easily set up and manage secure data connections, and provide superior data security solution for protection against cyber-attacks such as phishing and DDoS.

HTTPS Key Service is based around the revolutionary Enigma Bridge KeyServer which has been purpose built to provide high speed access to encryption keys stored on physically partitioned tamper-proof processing units (Common Criteria EAL5 / FIPS140-2 Level 3).

HTTPS Everywhere …

Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) has introduced a service Let’s Encrypt a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA) run for the public’s benefit. One of the goals is to provide certificates and HTTPS for all websites on the internet. The first certificate was issued on 14 September 2015.

TLS has finally arrived! One of the most important features of TLS is its ability to make use of SNI - hosting of multiple HTTPS domains on one web server and IP address.

Enigma Bridge HTTPS Key Service is suitable for large scale deployments of HTTPS servers and provides superior security by design.

Content Delivery Networks

Scalable HTTPS service minimising operational risks with streamlined deployment.

Platform as a Service

Protect your private keys with encryption as a service.

Private Cloud Services

Protect your business in the cloud with the revolutionary Enigma Bridge platform.

Enigma Password Protect Service

Password Protect Service provides secure login to applications and website services for advanced protection against theft of data and unauthorised use of online services using the revolutionary Enigma Bridge platform. The Service allows online businesses to manage, monitor and control user logins using encryption keys securely stored on tamper proof hardware.

The secure login process requires access to the securely stored encryption key such that stolen password databases cannot be used without access to the key. Enigma Bridge Password Protect Service greatly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and the associated damage to online business.

Password Protect Service is based around the revolutionary Enigma Bridge KeyServer which has been purpose built to provide high speed access to encryption keys stored on physically partitioned tamper-proof processing units (Common Criteria EAL5 / FIPS140-2 Level 3).

Password Protect Service can be used from any operating system and environment that provides access to web services via plugins, or language bindings. If you are interested in PAM modules please get in touch.


Passwords are encrypted on to prevent compromise. Password databases cannot be used without access to the securely stored encryption key.


Simple plugin-based usage supported on major web platforms including WordPress, Salesforce and more.


Manage, monitor and control user logins in your system from one place.

Data Encryption Service

Data Encryption Service protects data stored on disk as well as data transmitted across networks.

Data encryption is the second most common requirement for cloud and web data security, whether it is data stored in databases, large files, or data in transit.

The modes of operation for the Encryption Service are as follows:

  • Provision of data encryption keys (and key extraction from received data) securely generated for each transaction. Data encryption is completed within the client application. This approach provides a good level of security but requires the application to implement encryption functions.

  • Encryption of data directly by secure hardware using the Data Encryption Service. In this mode of operation, Data Encryption Service provides not only key management but also provides secure encryption functions.

References, Papers

Architecture Considerations for Massively Parallel Hardware Security Platform - Building a Workhorse for Cryptography as a Service” - presented at Fifth International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering - Jaipur.

The Million-Key Question—Guessing Cards from Keys” - to be presented by one of our co-founders at 25th USENIX Security Symposium in Austin, TX.


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Enigma Bridge


Enigma Bridge has developed a revolutionary platform that delivers scalable, high speed cryptography. It provides lock and key for public and private environments.


Enigma Bridge was founded in 2015 by security professionals with extensive backgrounds in security consulting, payment and financial industry and research.


Enigma Bridge’s mission is to give clients control and protection for data of any size and location with simple to use service.

Enigma Bridge was founded in 2015 by security professionals with extensive backgrounds in academia (cryptography), security consulting (for FIs) and card payments. Enigma Bridge is on a mission to make the internet security ubiquitous and has developed its own (patent-pending) hardware and software for that purpose. Enigma Bridge runs its offices on Bridge Street in Cambridge, UK.

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